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monet(source)daniella played tori's older, talentless sister on the show, but in real life daniella is plenty talented.her name is elizabeth gillies and no she is not goth in real life.

she hosts awesomenesstv on nickelodeon, which allows her to showcase her singing and comedic abilities. *walks away a bit**a slow song comes on the sound system*beck: *gets up* hey!

, after eating a really good taco, you just gotta run dance!

victorious was one of nickelodeon's most popular shows because of its charming cast and often racy jokes, but what's happened to the stars of the show since it ended its run?

week we made a horrible short film, sinjin got a terrible tan, and to top it all off, we had ourselves a good ol' fashioned slap fight!

If, like Sex and the City's Carrie and Mr Big, the answer is no, then these unwritten rules may help We can all agree: breakups are the worst.