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She plants her ample frame at the center of the screen and rarely yields the spatial foreground or moral high ground. The Sarandon mother faced her gravest challenge in Lorenzo's Oil, in which she and Nick Nolte play a married couple sucker-punched by fate: their son has a dreadful disease, whose incurability the wife is loath to accept.The parents share an intimate closeup, nearly three minutes long, whose focus gradually shifts from Nolte describing the disease to Sarandon’s dawning dread as she realizes the consequences.We’ll go on forever, Pa, ’cause we’re the people.” As men go to war and kill, so women give life.

They deserve mention as well: five harridans from Hell.

To all these women, and to the brilliant actresses who brought them to screen life, Happy Mother's Day. Jane Darwell as Ma Joad in , 1940Following the pioneer trail, the Joad family went West — from devastated Dust Bowl Oklahoma to California, "the Golden State" — to find work.

On their annual Day, Mothers get candy, flowers or a brand new hat from their kids.

Most moms deserve the gifts; and Hollywood often chipped in too.

Veda wants to be more than moneyed; she wants to be Old Money.