Who is alexi laiho dating

An alternate universe where Ted Nugent only plays music and never talks.

An alternate universe where Cliff Burton is still alive and Metallica is still relevant.

Is most of the pressure you feel from external places like the label or your fans or is it internal pressure that you put on yourself? There are deadlines, of course, but I actually like deadlines because that makes you work harder.

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Who is alexi laiho dating

Yeah, in my mind, it feels like it just came out but I'm usually writing lyrics.

I try to write riffs on the road but I just struggle to do that in a touring environment. It's a different mindset when you're off the road and that when I get inspired.

We're the kind of band who is constantly on the road so you do basically live with each other so it's super important that we get along.

If there's one guy that bums another guy out, it can be pretty destructive.

Is there anything specific you've been working on lately to push your guitar playing? I've always had it down pretty well but there are certain parts I have to work on a lot harder than others. When I'm singing I want to make sure that my playing is still spot on.