Vitiligo dating

When we filmed, they were full days, sometimes going up to 12 or so hours per day, with several outfit changes and different hair and makeup.We tried to film at special times of the day when heading to restaurants or businesses, as it drew a lot of attention with the cameras and lights set up everywhere.

BR: Yes, the documentary showed me applying makeup and what that was like for me, as well as some of the past thoughts that I have had about myself and dealing with the autoimmune disease.

They also filmed me on dates, and I was able to show how I would deal with telling them about my condition, and how it affected me.

Social media is a very powerful thing, and you never know how one post can change someone’s life, or what kind of opportunity it can bring you.

BR: The documentary follows me through my everyday life – work, habits, meeting with clients, and even on dates.

Model and nutritionist Breanne Rice was diagnosed with vitiligo when she was 19 years old.