Validating assessment tools

Having a tool that has strong reliability will allow you as an administrator to be confident that any change in scores from one test administration to the next is due predominantly to change over time in the variable of interest, rather than to random error. They're Valid Validity refers to a test's ability to measure what it is supposed to measure.Imagine a client comes in to your office and tells you that they thinks they are suffering from anxiety.

Faculty members from the GW Physical Therapy program took up the challenge and decided to do just that.

Using a high stakes exam in the GW Doctor of Physical Therapy program, the faculty validated a method for assessing student performance using standardized patients.

As an assessment consultant, I work with a wide range of professionals whose number one priority is to accurately assess their patients for various mental health conditions and provide subsequent treatment as needed.

Many behavioral health professionals are looking for assessment measures that are quick, affordable & easy-to-use.

As important as these features are in an assessment tool, there is a far more important factor to consider – like how the test was developed.


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