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These and other communities of Pashtun ancestry are often referred to as the Punjabi Pashtun.There are also large communities of Punjabi-Pashtuns Such as Niazi and others lives in Khanewal, Kasur, and other larger communities have settled around Multan which was formerly part of the Durrani Empire.

The larger number of people claiming Pashtun ancestry in India are Urdu-speaking.

Despite the loss of most of the Raj-era Pashtun population, India still has a large community of Urdu-speaking Muslims who trace their ancestry to ancient Pashtun invaders and settlers.

They wear colorful dress and carry swords and shields.

The Afridis and the Machipurians, who belong to the Yusufzai tribe, are liable to military service, in return for which they hold certain villages free of revenue.

Today the Pashtuns in India can be divided into those who speak Pashto and those who speak Urdu and other regional languages, the Urdu speaking group being the biggest.