Updating an existing website

I absolutely urge you to recommend this approach if feasible.However, many of my clients can’t afford to do this, and because their websites predate the use of CSS3 for things such as rounded corners and gradients, the “best” solution for them is to use RWD Retrofit.

updating an existing website-71

I wrote it at Izilla, which helps clients to address the issues mentioned above, and I have already used it in a number of projects.

Although I’m obviously biased, I think it’s a great technique to help you quickly and efficiently improve a client’s mobile presence in a cost-effective way. Developers have three other options available to them: a dedicated mobile website, a desktop-down responsive reskinning, and a complete rebuild with mobile-first responsiveness.

If you don’t plan to change the breakpoint that the desktop website is served at on mobile, or you don’t plan to change the desktop viewport’s width when it is served, or you don’t mind duplicating media queries in your Java Script, then the RWD Retrofit Java Script itself isn’t required.

The technique will still work, allowing you to achieve similar results. attributes, you will now be able to test these breakpoint and viewport changes on mobile devices, or by setting your browser to emulate touch events.

But after the phone’s release, clients jumped on the bandwagon and were clamouring for “mobile-friendly” websites so that they didn’t appear to be behind the times.


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