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If this is the first episode that you’re tuning into then I strongly encourage you to go back to the very beginning where we talk about what is social anxiety, what is confidence, what are the basic steps you can take and if you’ve been with me on this journey over these last months then I really want to know how it’s going for you, where are you progressing, where are your wins and successes and where you’re stuck, where you want more help, or you want to know where new distinction is that you can learn that’s going to help you get to the next level or perhaps a new action that you need to take that’s going to build up that confidence and courage.

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But remember that the aim is to be a more relaxed, to have a more relaxed friendly world and somehow take it a little bit beyond your own ego. I mean, there’s not going to be like a perfect match between you and a lot of these people and most dating relationships are not going to go beyond three months of dating because once you get to know each other you might not be about the same thing or you might not be at the same level of awareness and so, you can’t talk to each other if you’re not at the same level of consciousness so those things are important. Aziz: That brings us to the end of the interview and the end of our show. It’s just the world giving you information for you to grow with and evolve with and keep moving towards who it is that you want to be in dating, in relationships with women, with your work, anywhere. If you’re listening to the show at night then do it tomorrow.

We can contribute to making the dating world safer. But I hear the message loud and clear as you have to jump in, you have to get into the field and play and you will get hurt but you’re also going to be fully alive and I love that being like a friendliness ambassador. If anything then maybe perhaps they’re struggling to be authentic themselves in their life and it just totally flips the script and gives you a lot more power. So, keep in mind too that you’re not just being judged by the other. But we can’t end without doing one thing which is your action step. Aziz: Today’s action step is to be more real with someone like preferably a woman. The more you do this stuff, the more action you can take, the more you’re going to transform your entire life. I’m excited to speak with you next week and in the weeks to come and until we do speak again, may you have the courage to be who you are and to know that you’re awesome.

One they encourage you to “Hey just get out there and practice” which is great advice. But just to give a little insight, what would that look like to start – let’s say a man sees a woman that he wants to start a conversation with. What if it was just somebody in the post office like that I was saying something more unfriendly to?

He doesn’t know her and it’s in a public setting like a bookstore or coffee shop or even on a busy sidewalk. ” Like just do whatever you can to kind of lower the stakes in your own mind of the outcome realizing that friendliness and it’s like “You look like a nice person and I thought I might want to talk to you and see if we had anything in common.” I mean, that is just an innocent friendly thing.

But face to face, your “hottie” is a boring dud who can’t put two sentences together. And what do they expect their “match” to do when they meet them? ” Here’s an example of what some of the profiles might include: HIS Screen name: Mr.