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"We are only contracted to provide the local service so that will go at the same time," said Karen.If you use the Teletext service to check flights or harbour information you will need to look elsewhere.Robert The british and the Americans never cared very much about service and their people anyhow.

You can find harbour and airport information from their respective websites and the States of Jersey publish flight arrivals and weather information on their mobile phone site .

And you can find information from a number of Jersey travel sources through our dedicated Travel Information Page .

If you were one of them, the Deputy Harbour Master Captain Peter Moore has warned islanders to keep the Coastguard line clear for emergency use and search and rescue.

He's reminding people that the Jersey Met website and the Jersey Harbours website between them show commercial shipping arrival and departure times and the weather.

"The subtitles for national programmes are provided and generated by the ITFC and local subtitles will continue to be provided and transmitted by Channel Television as they are now," said Karen.