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A month later you will receive an email from trying to collect on a card discrepancy which they also threaten a legal investigation of you, to charge with credit card fraud and identiy theft. It really is a elaborate scam, either by A)providing credit card information of their own clients for others to use and bill on, or a stolen credit card and identity to attempt to get a third party to use for the Merchant company "" B) using an accepted credit card information in their system to which to scam the person to simply send in the cashiers check or C) dipping into both jars the owner of the credit card and the person they promotion ally offered it has also happened to me... when i questioned the charge, they shut my account and blocked my card then told me they were sending my details off to the authorities to be investigated for credit card fraud?! Don't just report this on an internet complaints forum, do something about it. Don't think nothing can be done to stop these criminals from getting caught.

However to avoid this you may send a cashiers check of the amount allotted to their P. Your information is proof to the crime and can help catch these crooks from scamming other like yourself. Anybody in the world can file a complaint with the FBI.

Maybe the outside story was about an excecution- I think that's very clear, at least in the "mama" section.

you will be working for me also she has no business licence an no tax id she is not a legit business Hi, thy use recorded video as well. soon you pay for Gold Show, thy drive you to recordet video, and on same time model try to convince more clients to go for gold show.

as soon as thy any one pay gold thy drive to record video, as a proof i'm try to talk with there team !

All abuses and problems reported but never solved In photos, some of the worst - Nikki Jasmine Bombastic Assxxx Sara Sweeet I disagree with some of the allegations mentioned...

I personally know one of the girls mentioned with the name written in her shirt.

Skimming - "the theft of credit card information used in an otherwise legitimate transaction.