Steam is validating game files

If you would like me to put up a video on a step or something just ask and I will have one up shortly. SSDs: It is important that your SSD is 4k aligned because of how SSD's perform their read/write operations.

If you have any suggestions please feel free to let me know as well! v=Tuwjadbt UCY&feature=related By default Windows 7 will align your partition to 1MB, which is fine. Typically SSDs have a NAND Erase Block Size of 512k B and their NAND Page Size is 4k B.

You should read the notes about each service and then decide if turning them off is a good idea for your PC.

I guarantee you will have learned something new after reading this thread.

Furthermore, I will constantly update this guide for everyone's benefit.

I've spent hours upon hours looking up info and reinstalled Windows 7 over 100 times now, this is the best way to go about installation in my eyes.

Please read this thoroughly, I know there is a lot of info, but the actual installation only takes a few minutes and there are only a few quick steps.

This features is a new Windows 7 service that can be safely disabled.