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Llanarth is an ancient settlement, among the oldest in Ceredigion.

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In the eighteenth century, many residents of Llanarth were Farmers, but many also worked as part-time Fishermen during the Herring season at Aberaeron or New Quay, or in the shipbuilding industry at New Quay and Cei Bach.

The first recorded vessel built at New Quay was the 24 ton sloop 'Thomas and Mary' which was launched in 1779. Vylltyg, is a venerable structure, consisting of a nave and chancel, with a lofty and substantial tower, and is situated on the declivity of a high hill: in the churchyard, a little to the north of the church, is a stone four feet and a half in height, and two feet ten inches in breadth, bearing a rude cross, and having an inscription, which, however, is so much obliterated as to be illegible.

Between 18, 31 ships were built at New Quay, most of which were sloops. There are places of worship for Independents, Calvinistic Methodists, and Wesleyans; a Church day school; and five Sunday schools, one of them in connexion with the Established Church.

Later in the century, the shipbuilding industry became very important in the area with as many as three hundred persons being employed at Traethgwyn and Cei Bach. In the parish are the remains of an extensive encampment called Castell Moyddyn, but no account of its origin has been preserved; and on the farm of Peny-Voel is another, called Pen-y-Gaer.

This lead lined font - long since replaced by another, is supported by four carved lions at the base.


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