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The health promotion programs we implement target all employees, which has greater impact on productivity and lower health insurance premiums.Imagine having the major health insurance carriers like Anthem Blue Cross, Blue Shield of CA, Aetna, United Healthcare, Kaiser Permanente and many more compete to win your business by offering lower premiums. Click here to learn more about our health promotion programs and how that can have a dramatic effect on your health insurance premiums.

Continuous foam insulation coupled with the thermal mass of the concrete combine to create the most efficient building system currently available to the market. With free span open spaces to meet any size requirements, the building becomes an integrated component to the entire system.

For dynamic loading of the structure with process machinery or for any devices requiring attachment to the building, the shell is ready.

With health insurance premiums often being one of the companies’ largest ongoing expenses year over year it’s more important than ever to efficiently manage those costs moving forward.

And you need to maintain health insurance coverage in order to stay competitive in the marketplace.

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