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Also, coming into this new world, we needed something like a base level to come from of just common ground of, this is what we’ve shared and now we’re going to go into this new world.

[] Stefan and Caroline are kind of keeping an eye on Mary Louise and Nora at this dance. Are they just annoyances or obstacles or is it deeper than that?

TL: At this point, she’s kind of grouping Stefan with Damon.

In this week’s episode, Mary Louise and Nora, who happen to be a couple, are on the quest to find the last heretic, Oscar (Tim Kang), who happened to be killed last week by, yes, Damon Salvatore.

Can Stefan and Caroline keep the two lesbian heretics occupied at the Heaven and Hell Ball? Liane, who was in her native Australia, jumped on the phone with me yesterday to preview what we’ll see, how loyal Mary Louise is to Nora and, more importantly, will we see her have some kick ass dance moves in this episode?

As to Lily’s motives, I think we start to question it, as viewers.