Ronaldo dating

But unlike his long list of prominently placed ex-girlfriends, Georgina Rodriguez had largely flown under the radar prior to her very public display of affection with the Read Madrid midfielder in Paris last Tuesday.

It was in-fact the Portugal captain’s hair stylist who introduced the two.

Considering Kristina has a striking resemblance with the footballer’s former flame, his stylist couldn’t help but get the two together.

We've already spotted her wearing a pair of Balenciaga trainers, and now here she is carrying her essentials in a gorgeous Gucci bag.

You definitely deserve a treat for completing all of your Christmas shopping. Well why not add a little something else to your list...

The mercurial midfielder had certainly dressed for the occasion in a smart navy blue blazer and crisp white shirt teamed with mismatched jeans, while clear lens glasses gave him a studious air as the couple made their way towards a waiting car.