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These two examples are just one way in which the programs considered reality TV can differ from one another.

, which can still be considered reality programming, is very different in tone, subject, actor, theme, audience and in duration.

It’s a fact — when you win challenges, you’re spared from elimination (and that’s true in life and dating shows).

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Inevitably, someone will allow the sexy Wonka vibes to get the best of them and end up passed out or just sloppy and incomprehensible. You will be eliminated the first night of the show — it’s a tried-and-true way of separating the wheat from the chaff, the party humans from the party animals.

Also, it’s not, you know, the healthiest course of action.

For example, Steve Irwin’s show involved him as the main character season after season.

This is true for several reality TV programs that highlight a professional within a particular industry.

There isn’t anything inherently wrong with having an ulterior motive, but keep it to yourself.