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But i lived in the south all my life and i was born in macon, GA. Robert in Kinstonparrotsummer on Yahoo Messenger You should go ahead and pick a place and date. I agree, there has been a lot of interest, but no one is taking the ball, so here goes.Let me tell you babe people are not friendlier in the south. looks like you have enough interest and if the date is right I will try and make it up to raleigh myself for it. Lets do a casual meet & greet at the Ale House, Sunday Feb. They open at , so a tentative start time of around noon.

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This downtown museum situated in the midst of Raleigh’s warehouse district showcases new and emerging art and design.

They sponsor group rides for all levels of cyclists, hold maintenance/repair classes and offer their space for community meetings.

The shop often hosts local artists on many First Fridays as well as other cycling-related events in the name of spreading bike ridership.

RSVP me at [email protected] you'd like, not neccessary though.