Puke paiya dana hindi woman

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Iron Stajy carmdarag, i960, translation of So/i'a Rust'aveli, Vep xis t qaosam.

Jaschke, 4 Tibetan-English Dictionary, 18S 1 , 1934- ( Joss-Latin vocabulary, J. R--P- R^ Bemei kungen zur "Jassischen Worterliste"', ^Icia Orientalia Hungauca 30, 1976, 245-50.

akalasca 'unskilled', IV 3, 6-7 u camda va vart sfar(d) da(m)di akalasca hiri yudai 'and as to how many are the shares, so unskilfully you have acted'; iv 3*8-9 ttadl (damdi) akalds'caundya 'it was only through such lack of skill'. akasta- 'unattached', Bed 4SV2, BS asakta-; Bed 52r3, BS asanga-, to has fa-. aksarrna 'shameless', in 123*52, BS nirlajja-\ abstr. 67 aksarmauna apaksardttai, to ksdr-: ksdda-, aksarmaradam gen. 'shameless', n 106*122 (of BS pudgala- 'individuals'). abya 'not open', K.2i*g; abydva K 29- 183, variant K 37* 123 abydstf, see bdtai 'open' and base s.v. abyamda 'not reached', K 54, 15V3 abyamda ttuidttd, — BS abhdva-Sunyatd, later form of abyauda- from byeh- 'to get', abyusta vira 'at dawn', 11 16, 4b5 khu ma abyusfd vlra kamtha hisimda * when here at dawn they come to the city ', to byusfa- 'lightened, dawned'. 371 cva abyehascyl jsa bais'a tialiirai rrasfa payseda 'who by not attainment knows all correctly, rightly'.

a-uysnoratete 'non-being', K2, I35V3, = BS asatva-, to uystwra-. akrrlya 'unstruclc' V 145, 33 V5, =BS aghaffita-, ana Jiata-; Z 13*114 akriya-, to kalj-ikriya- 'to beat'. abyehaste jsa, K 57, 26 r4 cu abyehaste jsa bid'i baysiistd' who by not attainment got bodhi-knowledge'; Manj. 384-5 bvdme jsa harbas'a daitta abrriyl brfiyl rasfa sa khu pura aye uca 'by bodhi- knowledge all appears not liked, (and) liked, just as the moon is seen in water'. abvata- 'not destroyed', v 113, 35VI abva(td a)ysm U hamaiiu, BS avihsipta-dttena 'with mind undistraught', Z 5*114 abuvatu, Z 22-291 abvata-, with first written abutu. 34S vatsaya avida phardka 'sees many sense-objects'; and variant Manj.

Enoki, K., 'A contribution to the chronology of the Kushans', Memoirs of the Research Department of the Toyo Bunko, Tokyo, 1968. Frisk, H., Griechisches Etymologisches Warterbuch, = GEW.


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