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On one hand it has the potential to bring people together, however because of the anonymity the internet provides, it also provides the opportunity for people to misrepresent themselves – or worse, make room for a full blown Catfish scenario.

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Long distance relationships sustained through technology create a deep bond and intimacy, one researchers have claimed has stronger bonds and more substantial communication involved than couples who live near each other.

But what happens when your online lover of several years constantly dodges meeting up with you?

For example,’s unique searching feature allows you to narrow your search so that you only see local singles that are online, therefore completely bypassing the long-distance dilemma.

At the end of the day, whether you decide to embrace a long distance romance, or take advantage of technology that allows you to pin-point nearby singles, online dating sites offer helpful tools to make either option work for you, making it a very exciting time to be single.

Not only is it easier than ever to meet people, there’s now the technology available to help maintain these relationships through email, text, Facebook, Skype and apps like Zoosk Delivery which allow you to send your favorite online match gifts like chocolates, teddy bears and flowers.