Net gridview rowupdating not firing

I hope I'm posting this in the right place--this is ASP. I wrote this gridview freehand first, with C# methods to query our SQL database for the values and a Delete Command that manually called a delete statement.

NET altogether, so bear with me if this is a silly problem.

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However, I needed to access controls within the Grid View object when rows were being updated, and I started trying to figure out which event would be best to utilize for that purpose. I've tried Row Editing, Row Data Binding, Row Data Bound, Pre Render, even Sorting and Sorted don't respond. I set up the page with a label and then the Grid View so that the Grid View's events could be implemented to change the text of the label, thus showing me whether they were being called or not. This page is using a masterpage; I'm not sure if that makes a difference.

When nothing was happening, I trashed the whole page and remade it all through Visual Studio's Designer, so that actual coding was minimal. NET for the Grid View object (gv Registration): The data is provided through an SQL Connection (GSRegistration), which, suffice to say, works.

However wen I click on Update nothin happens, currently it isn't connected to the database I just want it to change the text of a button so I know the update works.

All was workin fine b4 I added the Update Panel and Content Template.

Setting Enable View State on the Text Box to "True" fixed the problem.