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New Light on Medieval Art, Architecture and History”, by Åsa Ringbom.The book is a translation from ”Åländska kyrkor berättar.

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The extracted fraction ensured that all carbonate has been generated by slaked lime carbonation.

Consequently, the measured carbon corresponds to atmospheric carbon.

Åsa Ringbom frequently acted as a guide to the Åland churches, among those participating can be mentioned former Swedish Prime minister Göran Persson and his wife Anitra Steen. The research team participated in the Radiocarbon & Archeology 6th International Symposium, Cyprus, April 10-15, 2011.

At this symposium mortar dating was presented in four different posters.

During 2012 the following publication will emerge: Lindroos, Alf, Åsa Ringbom, Jan Heinemeier, Gregory Hodgins, Fiona Brock, Lior Regev, 14C dating of fire damaged mortars from medieval Finland, Radiocarbon 2012.