best dating applications - Lesbian dating attraction

A famous 1995 study that asked women to smell the sweaty t-shirts of men found that women preferred the smells of those who were genetically dissimilar to them.

(Though notably this wasn't true for women on the pill.) Scientifically speaking, opposites really do attract.

Though Boyfriend Twin may be a fun Tumblr, research shows that gay couples are actually a lot less likely to be homogamous than straight couples. Our narcissistic tendencies, or the quest to diversify our gene pool? An October study from Rutgers University found that a specific balance of chemicals affects what type of person each individual is attracted to.

People with active dopamine levels (impulsive, curious types) or high serotonin levels (social, conscientious types) tended to like people similar to themselves.

You want to feel attraction for the lesbian you’re dating.