Is dane cook still dating raquel houghton raj wwap picture sunny leon

Because Raquel Houghton’s age is 28, this is her last chance at AI stardom.Either way her prospects at becoming the next American Idol has some merit because of her face talent which I would give at least a solid 8. Just looking at her group photos of her band wreaks of wannabe Spice Girls.

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Valli Girls front woman and current/former girlfriend of Dane Cook, Raquel Houghton, 28, is aiming to be the next American Idol.

There is not much out on the interwebs about her, but from her interview we’ve included below, Raquel Houghton singer reveals a little about her bio and points out that she is a waitress at the Laugh Factory in Los Angeles.

The celeb couple was first spotted together, by the media at the September 2006 premiere of Dane Cook’s movie, Employee of the Month, which was thoroughly bashed by the critics and the public alike.

Raquel Houghton is present on the micro blogging and the social networking site, Twitter as well.

Sources have said the pair broke up in 2007, but others...