How does the media portray dating

It’s become such a problem that some have begun to refer to this mediated view of romance as “emotional pornography”—insinuating that popular expressions of love and romance rewire the brain in ways that recall the damage done by visual pornography.

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How does one navigate these uncharted waters and discern what real, healthy marriages and romantic relationships should look like?

The root of any romance today is love, but it wasn’t always so.

As people consume the media’s view of love, it’s becoming more common for relationships and marriages to be primarily based on a desire for happiness and personal fulfillment.

When these feelings fade, people think love is gone and become an emotional train, moving from one lover or spouse to the next.

In past cultures, people came together because their parents arranged it or they wanted to join lands or kingdoms; love was secondary. This over-emphasis on love is encouraged by media that tells stories, sings songs and writes books about how true love conquers all, is ultimately fulfilling, brings a never-ending wealth of happiness and is rarely marred by significant conflict.