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And for a dramatic contrast incorporate pink or orange hues into the flowers which would make for a perfect destination or outdoor wedding look.

This photo of a bare tree in the Dunes of Lake Michigan has a dreamy, water-color like quality to it that we immediately fell in love with.

Gary Levitt worked his magic on four songs, we rented some beautiful vintage compressors from Jim Flynn Rentals who were very gracious and I recommend any of you self recording artists check out what they have to offer!

I’ve been navigating the waters with the help of some of my favorite people and musicians; Jennifer Turner did a lot of great work on the record and Shana Falana and Kim from Jan, name to changed soon, have been an awesome source of support and inspiration. Talk soon, I’m going to do my best to include updating this website in my musicianly duties.

You can’t help but notice the gorgeous pink body color, the white roof, the sleek chrome detail, and the black tires.