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And, yep, Huey and Cam are brothers of the same mind: equally comfortable hanging with the masses from the gutters of America’s ghettoes as well as the rich and privileged with the Hermes wallets and Lana Mark purses.Yep, Huey and Cam equally calculating and stupidly handsome in that way that make both women and men swoon and stare.The revolution will not be televised the poet Gil Scott-Heron once prophesized.

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—GAME OF THRONES, Season 4/Episode 7 SUPERMAN WENT TO THE SUPER BOWL, and he lost, and it was mad ugly.

The hate produced was particularly raw whenever his sculpted bronze face cracked into that toothy and dimpled Hollywood smile as he dabbed after his many scoring plays.

Shoot, those Panthers were so ahead of the curve that the California law was changed, halting them from openly carrying weapons.

But this is what happens when certain kinds of boys self-determine, without apology, what kind of men they are going to be.

He had answers for them, too, and they were short, cryptic, to the point, defensive, non-committal. He looked like a severely bruised caged bird yearning to fly himself away from the humans with the weird gadgets pointed straight at him.