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A couple months ago, the Internet came to a collective agreement that John Cho deserves better than the bullsh-t sidekick roles he has been relegated to.

That agreement was immortalized in the hashtag #Starring John Cho, where famous movies starring mediocre white people were reimagined with John in the leading roles.

Soon after her return from a business trip to Hong Kong, Beth Emhoff dies from what is a flu or some other type of infection. Contagion is a frightening realistic procedural thriller about the spread of an airborne pandemic virus, its impact on an ensemble cast of characters played by a veritable ' Who's Who' of Hollywood and the subsequent race to find a cure.

In the next shot from Cheever's point of view, the pile of trash is on the other side of the street, across the street from his car, instead of in front of it. That's what you'll be doing after you see this film.

Simply put, he isn’t given opportunities to show us what he can do. Because I've had to be, in response.” John Cho has had to be obsessed with race not only because he’s become a symbol of Hollywood’s reverence for white mediocrity and blatant disregard for non-white talent but because with his face—his beautiful, chiselled, perfect face—comes responsibility. Like that was the unfair burden of being 23 and looking at the sides as they came through the fax machine wondering how would a young Asian-American person feel about this? ” This is what sometimes gets lost in the diversity conversation.