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Many of the most lurid sex scenes don't even contain full nudity, just unabashedly risqué implications.He also points out the inevitable polarizing topic: Some people just aren't that comfortable with Dunham's full-figured body, so every bit of it they see feels like too much." to Shoshanna (Zosia Mamet.) Judging by the first three episodes made available for screening, that "grow up" mantra is going to be key for the final season.

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Never forget that Barack and Michelle Obama actually let their 17-year-old daughter intern on the set of this show.

skin factor, decided to calculate just how much screen time nudity gets on the HBO comedy.

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“I'm sure there are people who watched this show who didn't see a reflection of them or their lifestyle,” he conceded, “but there were millions and millions of people who did.” For all its attempts to reach young women by reflecting their lifestyles, the cast certainly lacked diversity. Reflecting on the criticism she received, Dunham remembered making a “really, really dumb joke” to her boyfriend Jack Antonoff.


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