Fender squire japan strat dating

Fuji Gen-Gakki, best known for building Ibanez brand guitars, were chosen to build Fender Japan instruments.

Back in the USA, in an effort to rediscover what had made Fender's reputation, the company went to vintage dealers and took measurements from pre-CBS production instruments.

Questa serie iniziale proponeva riproduzioni estremamente accurate dei modelli classici ed altamente ricercata dai collezionisti di chitarre.

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Quando fu lanciata inizialmente in Europa all'inizio degli anni 80, la gamma Squier offriva le riproduzioni classiche dei modelli pi popolari della Fender:le Stratocaster del '57 e del '62 , i Precision Bass del '57 e '62, le Telecaster e i Jazz Bass del '62.

Questi erano prodotti dalla fabbrica Fuji Gen Gakki in Giappone - allora usata anche da Ibanez- utilizzando i modelli originali americani.

Bad news for Fender who, under CBS ownership, had let standards slip. In 1981, a new management team largely recruited from Yamaha's American operation, decided on a two pronged attack.

They would address quality control via a programme of reinvestment and staff training in the US, and at the same time hit the copyists in their home market by producing Fender guitars in Japan.

The small "137" under the word Mexico indicates CTS as the manufacturer.