Elder oaks dating vs hanging out

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One day there was an empty seat in front of me, and I was excited as his eyes honed in, and he sauntered Abercrombie & Fitch-like toward the open desk. We were talking about the fact that, unlike what is represented in the For the Strength of Youth, dating is basically dead.

As he strode up the aisle (it all seemed to be happening in slow motion) and sat down in front of me, he deftly pulled the fishing sweater off over his head with one arm, his brown locks tumbling back down onto his forehead. Looking over the BYU Crushes FB site I also noticed that a few of these “ethnic” crushes crossed a line for me in terms of how racist they sounded. Is it OK to say things like “Rice Loving Panda Hugging” now? The guidelines don’t make any sense in light of the social scene our teenage kids report today.

Most kids are just “hanging out,” which is usually done in groups, and almost always without any planned activities.

There is no “boys asking girls out” or even much “girls asking boys out.” Relationships sometimes form through “hang out” groups.

Subject: Most TBM teens I know would roll their eyes at such drivel. Oaks sounds more stupid than the "don't put off marriage!