Ei bachchatir

Jerina: Jhorche omiodhara amar voda theke...tomar penis abar dhukiye daw Ami: Abaro dilam..pichchil tomar voda poth.pagol hochchi..ahhhhhh.Jerin: Tomar birjo dhele daw.

Ami: Niyechi ...chushchi tomar vodar clit, ahhhh..tomar sudha dhele daw..

" gochher adhikar rokkhar lo Rai t Nara nirontor chaliye thaken.

jokhon nijer bachchake shekhanor prosongo othhe, sobai bina bakyobyay-e sotyagroho model-er anusaarii hon.

Jorina Begum er ek bachcha , boyos 7, English School er class 1 e pore, ei bachchatir ami Tutor, soptahe 4 din porai. Ami sadharonoto bikal othoba sondhar pore porate jetam. Bashar kajer meye duto besh bhalo chilo, orao amar Fan hoi. Jerina Mem bashar moddhe khub dearing dress porto, Shari, pant, shorts, Shirt, T-Shirt, Genji, Gawun, sleeping gawun, maxi ei gulo pore, ami jokhon jetam tokhono dekhtam ei sob dress pore chola fera korche, amar sathe kotha bolche. Drawing room, Bed room, Study room jekhanai sujog petam, sekhani amra sex kortam, wild sex , kono kando gan thakto na amader.


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