Df not updating after delete

example: main drive shows 100 % disk space used i check what is going on and i notice that the mysql slow log takes all that big space.

i delete the file without restarting the mysql server disk space still shows 100 % because the file was locked. solution is to restart the process holding the lock on the file or quick reboot the server.

Processes holding files open is one reason why the newsyslog(8) command sends signals to syslogd or other logging programs to inform them they should close and re-open their log files after it has rotated them.

df not updating after delete-53

), or if that doesn't work to restart the server in general.

Alternativaly, if you're using a journaling filesystem (like EXT3), keep in mind that df will also count the space used for this journal log in the output.

As a result, the df command assumes the files are still there, and doesn't clear the space.

Here are some ways you can track which processes still refer to the deleted files.

That's why you see 124G of 130G used, but zero available.