Definition of consolidating credit card debt

Light Stream tailors interest rates based on a borrower’s intent, so a debt consolidation loan will have a higher rate than say, a home improvement loan.So Fi offers loans of up to 0,000 to borrowers with excellent credit and high incomes or earning potential.

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All loan information is presented without warranty, and the estimated APR and other terms are not binding in any way.

Loans are offered with a range of APRs depending on your credit and other factors.

Lastly, the best rates for personal loans will go to those with impeccable credit.

If you have limited credit history or a poor credit score, expect to pay rates at the higher end of the ranges shown.

If you decide to take out a debt consolidation loan, look closely at the fees a lender will charge, what kind of support it offers (such as financial education or payment flexibility) and whether you can use a co-signer to get a lower interest rate.