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/ Arkade album Vocals performed by Tess Comrie Stream & Download Never Sleep Alone (AC Slater Remix): Youtube: itunes: beatport: amazon: googleplay: spotify: Stream Never Sleep Alone Spotify - Originals Sound Cloud - Sleep Alone_SC Download Never Sleep Alone i Tunes - Sleep Alone_D Amazon - Sleep Alone_AZ Beatport - Slep Alone_BP Google Play - Sleep Alone_GP @Kaskade Facebook: FB Instagram: Insta Sound Cloud: Soundcloud Twitter: Twitter Website: Website Kaskade Apparel Webstore - Kaskade Kaskade on tour Tour dates - Tour you know i’m tired of living like a ghost god only knows i’ve given more than most i cover up scars that emptiness has caused when the chemicals take will it be me you dream of there’s a heartbeat somewhere love, i’m gonna find you there in the darkness sleepless love, i wanna have you near we never sleep alone never sleep alone never sleep alone never sleep alone you shake me up the moment before sleep you’re calling out the demons inside me and when they’re gone the hours i’m awake i take these pills and pray to god they’ll take @justinejacoby: Obviously you were offended enough to comment in the first place, buddy. Why are you taking your sweet time to comment so much on it?

That shows the outmost initiative I've ever seen in a senseless rant. LOLOL I remember when I was 18 @datrowdylostboyenkidu: (A remix is when a piece of media is altered by adding, removing or changing pieces of the item; Not eliminating the core) If you want to call it a remix, go ahead dude.

His song "Step One Two" was the last single from the album, being released late in 2008.

In 2010, he added another number one Billboard Hot Dance Airplay track to his credit with "Dynasty", featuring Haley Gibby on vocals.

i Tunes: Automatic_IT Amazon: Automatic_AZ Google Play: Automatic_GP “We never sleep alone.