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He also serves as an Executive Board Member of the Atlantic Coast Sports Media Association (ACSMA), which conducts the ACC’s official All-ACC voting and works with the conference on media-related matters.Glenn also is a long-time member of ACSMA, NSSA, the Football Writers Association of America (FWAA) and the United States Basketball Writers Association (USBWA).

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I have a handsome Rottie/Bullmastiff named Bosco who’s a perfect judge of character. I’m turned on by petite women 32 to 44 with common life experiences. I am goal-orientated, time-conscionable and immersed in my work but always find time for important things like invaluable time shared with family and friends. The first things people usually notice about me I’m alpha-male and have all my teeth. You look buff, confident, and cheery–attractive to girls. I also don’t recommend mentioning God or the Holy Bible unless you’re looking for a religious girl, in which case you need to find a Christian dating website–not POF or Ok Cupid. : “The most fun I ever had was when on a quiet afternoon in an eatery, the waiter brought me food and then said “Sir, do not eat the fish”.

I’m not into fakes, drama, head-games, or wasting time (so be real). I’m really good at Snoring, singing in the shower, making funny faces, math, and not looking back! Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food Book-the Holy Bible Movie-the Rock TV show-Pinks All Out (also Survivor-but rarely admit to reality shows…) Music-Rock, Hard Rock, Blues and more… The six things I could never do without morning coffee, Vance & Hines, popcorn, dental floss (to get popcorn out of teeth) Pandora radio, and God I spend a lot of time thinking about …man stuff! That’s a story for later :)” Dude, that is without a doubt the shittiest attempt at humor in the history of literate man.

Ever since I posted my Guide to Online Dating, I’ve been getting a consistent number of emails from guys asking for profile advice.

While I value being seen as a source of help and enlightenment, all of these guys seem to share the same deficiency: Cluelessness.

On a typical Friday night I am …doing practically anything (sometimes, nothing…). Also, delete all your battleship/airplane/car pictures. Here’s what girls will make of you: This guy is a wannabe Nam veteran, materialistic, boring, and untrustworthy (that’s probably not even him in the skydiving pic).