Dating vintage gretsch guitars

The diameter clears the sides of the arch on a Gibson styled bridge and are the same diameter Gibson uses. The bridge supplied on current Gretsch's will work fine. The smaller ones are needed on any ABR or Nashville bridge on a Gretsch base. ), while the other is a three-way tone toggle engaging three different capacitors.

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It was probably built in Booneville, although some or all of its components could have been made in Brooklyn and finished in Arkansas.

With a 21/2″ depth, this guitar is a medium-body hollowbody.

In 1883, he struck out on his own and started the Fred Gretsch Manufacturing Company to make drums, banjos, tambourines, and other instruments, mainly as a contractor.

By the early 1920s, the company had added guitars to its repertoire, in ’33 it began marketing instruments under its own name, and in ’39 it began making electric guitars.

Gretsch’s investment in Atkins essentially made the company’s fortune. Baldwin had already moved its manufacturing facilities from Ohio to Arkansas in order to get cheaper, non-union labor, and imported Burns guitars were shipped to Baldwin’s Arkansas electronics factory where they were labeled with the new logo and distributed.