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People poke fun at me for being a total nerd, but on the other hand isn’t it fantastic when someone loves learning and gets excited over Albert Einstein’s quotes!? In many cases people hold their self-worth lower than other people. Example: If you need to lose weight, tell yourself that you are so worth cooking healthy food for.And yes, I’m pretty bad about functioning in the morning but, maybe that just means I have more energy in the afternoon! You are gorgeous and fabulous and deserve to take a little time out of your busy day to exercise.I…” -“No excuses, I don’t want to hear them, you need to just man up”, replied my co-worker.

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It just means that instead of bashing myself all day, I try to be nicer and more appreciative.

The way my body looks drives me bonkers since giving birth to twins but, ahh isn’t it nice how my belly stretched to absurd greats just to accommodate two new lives-kind of magical no?

Now I’ve romanticized the idea of taking care of myself and appreciating my own company.

I honestly have convinced myself it’s the cool and fabulous thing to do.

When you want a third helping of cake, tell yourself you are worth the trouble it takes to restrain yourself.


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