Dating a confirmed bachelor

I can’t tell you how many great Catholic women who will make exceptional wives and mothers remain single because of men on a quest to find the wrong girl. The real women are beautiful in their own unique ways, regardless of age or weight, if men would allow their eyes and heart to see. The fact is most “hot” girls are high maintenance, or lack qualities that make for a good wife and mother.

Men think it’s possible to find a girl who is a good Catholic but also “hot,” but they will take her hotter over holier (I am not kidding here). They know men want them because of their looks and they sadly make a game of men.

Are you educated and resourceful enough to find work wherever you need to in order to support the family?

Are you committed to the concept of providing for a family? The quality of life spiritually, emotionally, practically and psychologically can be of the highest quality no matter where you live and how much you make.

Some have sex with women they would never marry, while trying to find a pure girl (some even requiring a virgin) to marry. Men can get married at whatever age and still have children.