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Time was, it was embarrassing to admit you met your significant other through a dating site; now it’s almost expected.In fact, the researchers reported that the percentage of couples who connected online is now nearly on par with those who met the old-fashioned way, though friends or family. And even black subscribers preferred black partners.(More on Will Facebook Steal Online Dating Sites’ Girl? Census data from 2000 shows that black-white couples make up just 1% of American marriages. Although they were ten times as likely to contact whites as whites were to contact blacks, overall, blacks sent online inquiries to people of their own race more often.

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(More on Passing as Black: How Biracial Americans Choose Identity) “Were they hypocritical? The findings, which the authors are in the process of submitting for publication, are significant because Internet dating has become such a linchpin of modern-day romance.

About one in five Americans has tried online dating, be it e Harmony of match-making via Facebook.

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