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OK so it seems to me that this is a very common scenario with most guys.You meet a woman and get her phone number, you feel that you really hit it off, but when you go to call her back it seems to go dead.Since 2008 Colin has helped hundreds of clients to meet their ideal partners and settle down.

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I hope you really grasp what I’m saying in the article.

Dating is always unpredictable and if you are too attached to early on, this has the potential to back fire!

The situation wasn't right for you to take it further, so you casually invited her to join you for some exciting event on Monday.

That's easy in public, where you can plausibly start a random conversation with an attractive woman without being interested in her (until she wins you over, of course...). So, yes, she may make you work for it by not returning your phone call.

Dating is a roller coaster ride in itself and you need to expect these types of things to occur. A little disappointment, frustration is OK but anymore can be troublesome.