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He immediately fired back on stage and from there things really took off, leading to Drizzy's "subliminal" jabs on "Stay Schemin.'" Common threw down the gauntlet when he straight up called out Drake by name, on the same beat and 40, Rick Ross, The Weeknd and Birdman all added their opinions.

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And we'll start this one with "to be continued..." because this feud hasn't died down just yet. It got to the point of a confrontation and brawl at Fatburger, which prompted Mayweather to explain that he and Tiny have always been friends -- and nothing more.

If you thought that Odell Beckham Jr.'s recent overly aggressive antics on the field were due to the fact he wasn't getting enough off-field action, you were wrong.

"My beef wasn't with Jay, it was somebody in his crew," the Harlem rapper explained.

"There was a girl, she liked me and it was somebody's girlfriend that was in his crew.

so then me and Dame get into it -- we didn't end up boxing, everybody broke it up on 125th Street -- then I guess Jay inherited it." Thankfully, this one didn't go too far, but this is just proof that Jay used to be ride or die.