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Chong became Badoo's president as part of the deal and moved back to London.

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He knew just the right things to say at every moment and he cherished you. “Well hello, sexy.” You greet as you look in your mirror, applying the finishing touches to your makeup. I want to talk about whatever it is that we are.” He says, looking down at your joined hands, playing with your fingers a bit. You smile and bring your free hand up to his cheek. He smiles at you softly before slowly leaning forward and pressing a soft kiss to your lips. You weren’t sure who he wanted to hurt first or worse.“How dare you think you can lay your goddamn hands on my sister like that! We promise to not have our relationship effect the band, or anyone’s friendship. You have to stop thinking you can protect me from everything and everyone. He’s what I want, Alex.” While talking, you’d let go of Jack and walked towards Alex. “I can’t believe you guys kept this a secret from me.” He jokes as you pull back.

He did everything he could to make you happy and for you to have everything you could ever want. “Hey sexy yourself.” He responds, making you laugh. He also said not to expect him back until tomorrow. It was the most gentle of a kiss the two of you have ever shared. You and Jack jump apart and you go to stand, Jack following, standing behind you, his hand resting gently on your back. Jack walks over, putting an arm around your shoulders.

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Alex's older half brother, Tom Gaskarth, passed away a while back.