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Map of a Greater Croatia in a 26 October 1939 article of the Ustaše Hrvatski Domobran newspaper associated with the Ustaše organization of the same name, Hrvatski Domobran, which sought recruitment of Croatian diaspora emigrants in Argentina and elsewhere.The article rejected the Cvetković–Maček Agreement and the borders it provided to Croatia as insufficient.

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This would leave a multitude of jobs to be filled by Ustashas and pro-Ustasha adherents.

This would lead to government jobs being filled by people with no professional qualifications.

This will have the effect of bringing them into the German orbit".

The Nazis grew aggravated with the Ustaše, among them Reichsfuhrer SS Heinrich Himmler, who was dissatisfied with the lack of full compliance by the NDH to the Nazis' agenda of extermination of the Jews, as the Ustaše permitted Jews who converted to Catholicism to be recognized as "honorary Croats", thus exempt from persecution.

In 1933 the Ustaše presented "The Seventeen Principles" that formed the official ideology of the movement.