no lain sxe - Sexualchat rooms

No way should sex be on anyones mind at 11, I would ban her from talking to the boy and seriously reign it in with the lenient rules.

At 11 I didn't have my own mobile, and internet usage was in front of mum and dad only.

If you're not sure how to do it, could always get a book to help!? And that in a few years when she does decide to have sex, she stays safe.

- any ideas how I can get round this little problem?!!

can't you just sit her down somewhere private and say something to her along the lines of, as you're getting older now, I thought it was time to have a chat about boys...

To be honest if it was my child I would have to have a chat and explain that this chat is not appropriate at that age. That would really feel me out that sort of chat at 11!

I only have a 8 month old son at the moment but dreading the teenage years already not!

Chat to her about what she thinks and feels about issues. Just telling what not to do is unlikely to have any effect.