dating in columbia - Sexual questions to ask when you are dating

You can also use the answers to these questions to fantasize in bed with your lover later.

If you do prolong these questions while making out, the sex may turn both of you on a lot more, and both of you will understand each other’s sexual side a lot more too.

/ Being a guy, would you rather have anal sex with another guy or get a blow job from another guy?

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] Remember this, insecurities and frustrations in a relationship crop up more often when you’re secretive, than when you’re truthful.

#18 Would you rather have period sex or a golden shower where you let me pee over you?

[Read: The complete guide to having awesome sex on your period] #19 Would you rather abstain from having sex with me for one full year because you’ve been cursed by a magical spell, or would you have sex with five other people to break the curse and resume having sex with me?

The perfect would-you-rather questions You may be familiar with several fun would you rather questions, but have you ever imagined using them to better your relationship?