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This great app which is freely downloadable from the i Pad app store helps people to cut costs on long distance international calls.The quality of calls on this app is also second to none as the crystal clear audio and images are near what is experienced for CD quality.

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With fring App for i Pad installed on your i Pad or mobile device, you are instantly connected to all your buddies across different chat platforms including Yahoo, Google talk, AOL mail, ICQ, and SIP etc.

The user interface on fring App for i Pad is very friendly and puts all your video chat buddies on one list regardless of their platform.

it makes you smile and has a thrilling feeling with the people that u meet, so go ahead and chat for free. oh and Alicia if your reading this i do love you more then anything your my baby forever I love coming in here.

I've been coming on here for awhile and it never gets boring, and it's good that i can come on here and meet and talk with the same sorta people as me!!! x Oxthis chat site is a fun way to chat to different people all over the world and even people that are near you! That's right Alicia, I LOVE YOU BABY..thanks Dan for making this a bomb site and again i been coming her for a few years now but yea i like it a lot....

You can even make direct calls to phone numbers using Skype credit and save costs on regular phone calls.


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