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He kept cameras rolling in the house to keep a close eye on everything that happened.All of the women in the house were having sex with Roberts, she said.MORE | Alleged human trafficking victim met ‘boss' on dating website According to court documents, in mid-January, she met with Roberts, whom she would later refer to as her “boss,” at his lavish home at 100 Strauss Lane in Sandy Springs, Ga.

You surely heard that Vanessa Hudgens’ father died of cancer the night before the show.

Which means during the most intense eight weeks of her professional life — rehearsals for this sucker — she was also enduring the most intense eight weeks of her personal life.

At first, she ignored his advances, however, she eventually gave into his messages.

He allegedly told her that he had “Diamond Kitties” who worked for him, as well as his company, Live Star Nation, which, he told her manages athletes and models.

Caller: When I came here, it was like a situation where you come and you work and you have girls dance. I’ve been here for about a month, and he had me go get, like, plastic surgery…Caller: The only thing I’m the only one who wants to leave. Caller: Oh just little stuff, like, “Well you don’t take care of your kid right” and this and that.