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She really reminds me of my sister at that age." "I envy her.

I was always an ugly duckling at that age and spent my time alone and just ran on the track," she sighed, "Until the next year when my body decided to change all that." She gestured to her ample bosom.

Chapter 1, The Unexpected Trip My phone never rings. Since I moved to this small Iowa town, that I picked for the very fact that was small, remote, and I didn't know anyone who lived there. They were driving to Charlotte, North Carolina for a national track meet and their driver had a heart attack. "Okay, you got a driver." Steph gave me all the details of where and when and a phone number to reach and talk to a Ms.

I only knew a few people in town by first name, and almost never told anyone my number. He'll live but he's seventy and confined to a hospital bed and there's no one else within like a thousand miles who I trust to drive them the rest of the way. Sarah Jordan, the phys-ed teacher who was their track coach.

I was better, but just couldn't live in our Idaho hometown anymore.