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And here you thought routers are the stuff of the modern workshop. They've been around much longer than the ab NORMal kind has, but these kind ain't the 'lectrical kind.

These kind are pushed or pulled, and are suited for smoothing the bottom of a groove, mortice, or whatever, which is lower than the general surface of the piece being worked.

In the same year, 1909, the shoe to close the throat was redesigned and repositioned so that it became part of the arched portion of the main casting.

During this redesign, the depth gauge rod was repositioned, and in fact, the shoe attaches directly to the rod.

They were very popular tools, especially with patternmakers and stairbuilders. Stanley's minister of propaganda, in a leaflet distributed with the tool, stated: "For surfacing the bottom of grooves or other depressions parallel to the surface of the work.