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In these cases, playing video games is part of the grooming process.” Here are a couple of examples: Solutions Okay, did I get your attention?Now consider that there is no monitoring software that can be installed on these devices to watch whether a supervised offender is contacting a minor or viewing pornography. Nope…those are “parental controls”, designed to keep kids away from bad stuff.Yes there is, but it is very technical and not for the faint of heart.

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But can sex offenders use them to have contact with minors and/or access pornography? Contact with Minors A 2008 Pew Research study noted “For most teens, gaming is a social activity and a major component of their overall social experience.” The study provided some stats on this. The same study noted: You got real numbers on that? So is it possible for a sex offender to have contact with a minor through a gaming console? Accessing Pornography Okay, so a sex offender can play a game with a minor. It’s not like they can forward them pornography or send them a picture of themselves?

Specifically: * 97% of teens ages 12-17 play computer, web, portable, or console games * 86% of teens play on a console like the Xbox, Play Station, or Wii. Well, according to the 2011 Video Game Consoles Review, 8 of the 9 gaming consoles have web browsing capabilities and 5 of 9 can accommodate a webcam.

Additionally, seek appropriate assistance if it becomes necessary to examine the gaming device.

Have you ever imported ESRI SHP files or other GIS files and need to create some simple text labels for that data?

Best of all, with enhanced multimedia functions like video and music support and web browsing, you have a powerful all-in-one device.” Okay, so the gaming consoles sound like something a supervision officer should be concerned about when dealing with a sex offender. Sony’s successor to the Play Station Portable will have a 3G Internet connectivity key to new portable game devices wireless data chip inside.